The first thought that goes through our mind when we moms see a positive pregnancy test is, “OMG, I’m having a baby.”The second thought is always, “OMG, I need to get prepared!” And with that, it’s off to the races (or to Target… same thing.) This is exactly why I am sharing my Newborn Must-Haves with you.

These are all the items I am using right now with my 3 weeks old and many I used with my first son, Worth, as well. If you are expecting and need help packing your hospital bag, make sure to check out my post, What to pack in your Hospital Bag.

*This post contains affiliated links. Pretty much, if you purchase any of the items using any of the links in the post I am rewarded with absolutely no extra cost to you. Thank you for using the links below if you decide on purchasing any of the items.

As I am typing this, I have a 3 week old resting on my chest. It’s been 4 years since I’ve done this whole “newborn thing” and it might as well be a different century because everything (and I mean everything) is so different. As I was creating my registry for my second son, Wisdom, I found myself Googling items just to see what they were.

Y’all! I am not a first-time mom. I’ve done this all before in 2015 with my first son. Yet, everything is so different. I have no idea what the newborn must-haves were. There are more gadgets, more options, and more things that promise to make my life easier. But will they really?

Because many of these items have a pretty price tag attached to them, I did serious research. I talked to moms who actually had the items and got their feedback before purchasing. I’m almost a month into my newborn journey and these items have either a) made this time around WAY easier or b) I used them with my first son and am still using them today.

I’ve categorized the Newborn Must-Haves into 4 categories: travel, sleep, breastfeeding, and wellness.


First off, the Doona. It’s the biggest changer and it has the biggest price tag. However, it’s 100% worth it. Let me start by saying I had a traditional car seat for my first son. So, I know what it’s like to carry one of those things around. The Doona infant car seat that converts into a stroller. With the pull of one lever, it converts into a stroller. Push it again and it goes right back into a car seat (as you can see above.)

Why I love it? Both my babies have always fallen asleep in their car seats. When we get to our destination I can either wake them by getting them out of the car seat or carry the huge, heavy thing inside the said destination. I never was a fan of either option. With the Doona, you never have to disturb your baby’s sweet slumber. Simply get the car seat out of the car, drop the wheels, and you are on your way. No carrying and baby is still sound asleep. This is definitely a newborn must-have.

This product is gold. I actually purchased it with Worth and am still using the same one I had with him. CoveredGoods is a multiuse cover. Because I’ve had my second son during the COVID-19 pandemic, I go nowhere without having his car seat/stroller covered to protect him.

We were recently at a t-ball game, and my son (who was in his Doona covered with CoveredGoods) started getting fussy and wanted to eat. I simply took the cover off of the car seat and put it around me to nurse him. It is so soft and breathable. I also used it religiously as a cart cover with Worth when we would go grocery shopping (this was before pick-up, yall. I tell you, so much has changed in 4 years.)

This cover has been used and used with my first whom I breastfed for 15 months. It has held up so well and looks great. I know it’s going to be used just as much with my second son.


Next up, the Owlet Smart Sock. I use to stay up at night and watch my first son’s belly rise and fall… rise and fall. I was scared to death and literally lost so much sleep over worry about him while he slept. The Owlet has been a saving grace! It monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. With their app, you can track both things and also see the quality of sleep they got the night before. I purchased the Owlet for peace of mind and it has not disappointed. I won’t put him down without it. Definitely a newborn must-have!

Worth (my eldest son) did not like to be swaddled. I honestly think now he just didn’t like the swaddle I was using. Wisdom (currently 3 weeks old) sleeps so well and the Ollie helps him to stay that way. The material is strong but breathable and Wisdom is always so happy in it. I don’t know what magic is happening here but I do know that I wish I would have had one with my first.

So, I haven’t actually used this with my newborn yet. He does have one and I know will be using it because my 4-year-old has one and he LOVES it. This is a fancy white noise machine. My favorite feature is that you can schedule it to come on and off. It’s always on right at bedtime and goes off when it time to wake up. It’s also a nightlight and you can adjust how dim or bright you want it to be. My son loves choosing a color for it to be.

Oh, the DocAtot. This is one of the items I was really hesitant to register for. “Do I really need this?” I talked to a lot of moms whose children loved them so much that they ended up purchasing the bigger size as their babies grew. We have been using the DockAtot for 3 weeks and absolutely love it. It’s literally his bed that is portable. I can easily move it from room to room and he’s comfortable. This product definitely makes the newborn must-have list because it will be going on vacation with us. He will literally have his bed no matter where we go. That’s a win in my book.

This is a must, must, must, must, must if you want your baby sleeping in your first. It’s the ULTIMATE bassinet for someone who just gave birth. I guess to appreciate how wonderful this is, you have to do it the wrong way first… which I did.

Our first son slept in a rocking bassinet that was lower than our bed. Because I just had a c-section, I couldn’t bend down from our bed to get him out. I can’t imagine it’s any more fun to bend if you’ve had a baby naturally either. So, I had to get completely out of bed to feed him, get back in bed for the feeding, and then get back out of bed to put him back in the bassinet. That’s not fun at 3 am.

With the Halo Bassinest, I can see him, pick him up to feed him, and change him without ever getting out of bed. It is adjustable to any bed height and it swivels so you can move it to get in and out of bed with ease. Seriously, this bassinet is a must.

This book was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I’ve referred to it so many times with both of my boys. It’s a practical book on how to get your child to sleep through the night without any drastic measures. Pretty much, it gives you a great feeding schedule that leads to a great sleeping schedule. I reread it with my second child and I am so glad I did.


I feel in love with the Willow the first time I used it. I did my make-up and pumped… at the same time. This pump is hands-free and does a great job. There’s a little learning curve but once you have it, you have it! I have pumped while reading to my boys, while making dinner, on one side while nursing on the other and I’m even pumping right now as I type this. This pump is not cheap but I found it so worth it. This pump can be purchased with a Health Savings Account (HSA) as well.

I also have the reusable milk containers. I highly recommend purchasing them if you invest in the Willow Pump. No bags required.

This is the pump to get especially if you are an over producer like I am. It does an amazing job and it can be used as on-the-go with its portable battery.

These reusable nursing pads do a fabulous job absorbing leaks. I forgot to get these and I ruined so many shirts before I was able to get to the store to purchase some. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and order these.

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