There is an age-old question that mothers are engrossed in finding the answer, which is “is baby hot or cold?”.

Saying no “unjust” when adjusting the temperature in the room to suit or dress the baby has made many couples opaque, mother-in-law – the bride does not say a word to each other and the mother nipples milk. “Stress adds stress”.

Indeed, babies can’t say “I’m so hot” or “I’m so cold,” let mom put on an extra layer or remove a blanket. Most mothers do according to their feelings and experience, but if they do not do it properly, it will greatly affect their baby’s health.

Simply wearing the baby warmer than necessary, not taking it off in time, the baby sweats, seeps back inside, it is easy to lead to pneumonia. Wearing brakes also makes babies more susceptible to colds and colds.

A newborn baby’s body does not regulate temperature as easily as older babies or adults do.

In fact, babies are afraid of both heat and cold. Your baby’s small body does not easily store heat in cold seasons nor dissipate heat in hot seasons. Proper temperature regulation depends a lot on how mothers dress their babies. Therefore, the mother should grasp the following secrets, to follow, dress the baby very appropriately.

When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees

At this temperature, babies need to wear 1 layer of clothing more than adults. If the adult wears 3-4 layers of clothes to warm enough, at this time, mothers need to put on another layer to ensure that they can keep the baby’s body heat.

When the temperature ranges from 10-22 degrees

At this temperature frame, usually at the time of the season, you should dress the baby with enough clothes like an adult. However, it should be noted, with the type of weather having a big difference in day and night, late afternoon, evening and early morning, prepare your baby for an extra layer of clothing or a blanket.

When the temperature is more than 22 degrees

At this temperature, the spaces in private rooms often start to get hotter and hotter than they really are. Babies sweat easily and have a hard time dissipating heat. Therefore, you can dress your baby 1 layer less than an adult, or wear the same number of layers as an adult, but with thinner clothes.

Some notes when dressing for babies

Some babies often sweat a lot after breastfeeding and the pressure on the breast and the mother’s body also makes the baby hotter, so at that time, the mother can remove 1 layer of clothes for the baby.

Baby’s tummy, legs and chest should not be cold at all times. Whatever the season, protect these parts of your baby’s body.

Read the signs carefully to see if your baby is hot or cold

With that said, it is difficult to fully grasp whether a baby is cold or hot. However, if you look at the skin and see that your baby has a rash, sweating, it is your baby that is hot. Or when the baby has been wrapped thoroughly or put in a blanket, but the baby’s arms and legs are still cold, which means the baby’s whole body is still cold, the mother must immediately adjust to help the baby.

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