Strengthening resistance for children

Improving nutrition for children: Food must be diverse, balanced, qualified and hygienic. To support the resistance, you can give your child more Vitamin C or multivitamin supplements. In addition, it is necessary to encourage children to exercise to improve their health. It is important to have all of your child’s immunizations.

Prevention of viral and bacterial infections.

– Wash hands thoroughly before contacting children.

– Instruct children on how to keep the body and mouth clean by themselves.

– Infants must be kept dry and clean to avoid ear infections.

– Avoid direct contact with children when you have a cold.

– Baby food must be hygienic.

– Let children sleep and keep the environment hygienic.

Avoid colds or common colds.

– Children should not be active for too long in the sun, avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

– When going out in the sun, wear a hat and a scarf on the nape of the neck.

– When entering the house from the sun, do not go in immediately in an air-conditioned room.

– When the child sweats a lot, to dry and change into new clothes, not shower immediately, especially cold baths.

– In the cold season, when sleeping in an air-conditioned room, make sure the child is warm enough, especially in the head and feet area.

– Avoid letting children lie in the direction of the wind (fan, draft) or the direction of the air conditioner.

– Houses and especially bedrooms must be well ventilated.

Prevention of fever caused by vaccination:

All children should be immunized according to the national immunization schedule. On the day of the vaccination, the parents send the child to the clinic. If the child has a fever or has any problem, report it to the health worker to decide whether the child can be vaccinated that day or make an appointment for another date.

– In many cases, after getting vaccinated for a number of diseases such as typhoid, tetanus, measles mumps … the child may have a low-grade fever, so fever-reducing medicine should be made available for the child to use when there are signs of fever after vaccination.

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