Newborn wheezing can be a sign of a number of respiratory problems. Therefore, parents must pay attention to monitor the child’s manifestation to take timely measures.

Some simple home remedies can also remedy the problem of wheezing in your baby. Parents can apply this to alleviate their child’s discomfort. However, parents must also know when to bring their children to see a doctor for timely examination and treatment.

1. Causes babies to wheeze

Due to asthma: This is a relatively common cause. Especially it causes the phenomenon of infants wheezing while suckling. When you have asthma, your baby’s respiratory system will be extremely sensitive to some irritants such as dust, smoke, pollen …

– Bronchiolitis: The disease will cause babies to wheeze and cough. The cause is that acute inflammation of the bronchioles will narrow the airways. That is why the baby is deprived of oxygen and has difficulty breathing.

– Pneumonia: The child’s respiratory tract is seriously infected. Therefore, the alveoli will contain a lot of mucus and pus, causing the baby to respiratory failure and wheezing.

In addition to the above reasons, babies wheezing can also be caused by a foreign object in the airway or a compressed bronch ….

If the baby is wheezing due to lying on his side or on his stomach, the mother must adjust his sleeping position.

2. How to cure wheezing for babies at home

When you see that your baby is wheezing, the mother should be calm and pay attention to the baby’s health regularly. Then there are some home remedies that follow: Keep your baby warm This measure is very effective in preventing the baby from runny nose, wheezing … Mother pay attention to wear warm enough for the baby to suit the weather. In addition, to keep children warm, mothers should apply cajeput oil to the baby’s feet at night before going to bed or put a few drops of tea tree oil in baby bath water. Clean ear, nose and throat for the baby

Mother should regularly clean the baby’s ears, nose and throat every day. This will prevent the child from wheezing because of an allergy to dirt in the air. In addition, the child’s airway will be clear, the mucus is not stagnant on the nose, mouth.

Adjust your baby’s sleeping position

There are many cases where parents notice an infant wheezing at night. The cause may be due to the baby lying on his side or tummy. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the child’s sleeping position. Parents should pay attention not to lie on the pillow too high.

Use normal saline

This cure for wheezing in babies is quite effective. To clean the baby’s nose, the mother drops the nose to the baby with normal saline. It should be noted that only 1-2 drops should be small each time, should not be overused.

Use an air humidifier

In cold, dry days, babies are prone to dry nose, rust, and stuffy nose. Therefore, mothers should turn on the nebulizer to moisten the air in the baby’s room. This will help prevent and reduce congestion in your baby.

3. When should I take my baby to the doctor?

When monitoring, if the condition in the child has some of the following signs, the parents need to quickly take the child to the doctor ;:

– Baby wheezing with cough, runny nose, vomiting, high fever, difficulty breathing, cyanosis.

The wheezing condition lasts 3-4 weeks.

Difficulty breathing with chest cramps with each inhalation.

– The child suddenly has difficulty breathing and has a history of asthma in the past.

The timely examination and treatment will help the baby avoid getting worse and affecting the respiratory system.

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