With a young father, being a father for the first time will inevitably be embarrassing, worried or even afraid of being a self. The first time holding a small creature in the hand will be very surprised, fumbling and fussy when the child cries or peeā€¦. With the skills to take care of babies that Kids share below, it will definitely help not only fathers but also young mothers to be less confused, more confident in their new role, and more confident in taking care of their children.

Comfort your baby when he cries

The first thing to do when you see your baby crying is to get close to the baby right away, pick up the baby while holding the baby while checking the cause of the baby crying. The main causes of crying are: hungry baby, wet diaper, baby going to the toilet, baby pain, baby too hot or too cold. So first when you pick up your baby, you need to check your baby’s diaper is still clean, dry? Check if baby’s limbs are cold or baby is sweating? Newborn clothes that the mother wears for the baby is reasonable? If all of the above problems are good, the baby may be hungry, give the baby to the mother or if the mother uses a breast pump and bottle the baby, you need to ask someone else to hold the baby and pump the baby quickly. the better

If you have done all the above things and the baby still cries, the mother should hold the baby gently swing, hold the baby in her lap and gently poke the baby. Do not get angry but yell will make the baby afraid and cry louder because the baby cannot understand what you say, the baby only relies on your tone and volume to feel the parents’ attitude.

Take care of a newborn baby umbilical cord

The following important notes will help mothers buy a very standard baby, not redundant, no shortage, good quality but cheap and suitable.

Parents are very afraid to take care of their baby in the days when the baby’s navel is not yet falling, in fact, you just need to keep the umbilical cord clean, these are dead tissues with no nerves causing the baby to feel pain. , just wait about a week for the umbilical cord to dry and “fall”. Make sure to keep your baby’s umbilical cord dry and do not apply any medication to it, just use a clean sterile cotton swab to clean and pat dry afterwards.

How to bathe the baby

For newborn babies, if the weather is not too hot or the baby does not sweat, the mother only needs to bathe the baby 3 to 4 times a week, with the condition that the baby’s groin area must always be kept. clean and dry. Every time you bathe your baby, you need to test the temperature of the water with a thermometer that measures the temperature of the bath water, the bath water is safe for children from 37 to 38 degrees C. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can use your elbow to test the bath water. When bathing a newborn baby who has not yet shed its umbilical cord, the mother needs to cover it with water to avoid getting the baby’s umbilical cord wet.

Before taking a bath, you should prepare well and have enough bath water, towels, towels, clothes for your baby so that when the bath is finished, the baby must be held up and dried and dressed immediately to not let the baby cool. Experience is that mothers should bathe the baby first and then wash her hair later to avoid getting cold. pay more attention to places with folds such as neck, elbow, elbow, groin because there is often sweat stagnant, so it is dirtier than other places.

Dress your baby in baby clothes that are airy, but warm enough

Usually, babies will wear one layer of clothes than the average person, but to make sure the baby is not too hot or cold, the mother needs to add or remove clothes for the baby immediately. The easiest way to check is for the mother to touch her abdomen, back, hands, and soles of the feet. If these areas are cold, additional clothing should be worn. If these areas are hot and sweaty, remove blankets or clothes for the baby.

It is important that parents should not let too many pillows block the baby’s crib because it will be a cause of sudden death, asphyxiation of babies.

Nail clippers for babies

Newborn fingernails are very sharp and long quickly, mothers need to pay attention to cut, so they need to be cut before discharge. To avoid hurting your baby, use a circular nail clipper specially designed for babies and cut while the baby is sleeping. If cut while the baby is awake, should stop immediately when the baby refused to cooperate with.

Change the baby diaper to ensure clean, dry

Diapers, diapers for babies need to be changed regularly to ensure dryness, avoid diaper rash for about 2 hours, so change diapers for babies once, immediately change them after each bowel movement. Your baby will be uncomfortable and even cry out loud if it feels wet and uncomfortable. For girls, when changing diapers, parents need to wipe from front to back to avoid infection, parents often have the habit of using wet towels to wipe their babies, but currently on the market, there are also many types of wipes that do not meet the requirements. quality, not really safe for the baby. So, the best hygiene method for your baby is to wash it with warm water and then use a soft, dry, clean towel to pat dry. Above are the experiences and handbooks for taking care of babies from a to z for parents to refer to, hoping to be helpful and help parents to reduce anxiety and feel more confident when taking care of their babies. first birth.

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