Being a mother is probably the most difficult job in the world that not everyone can undertake without knowing these basic skills.

Motherhood is a wonderful thing. However, to be a good mother and be able to take care of the baby in the most thoughtful way, a woman needs to learn a lot of skills in child care and self-care, especially when you have just had the first child. heart. This is just the beginning of raising a human, so if these beginnings are good, it will create a good premise for the child’s development in the future. If you are still confused and do not know where to start, please remember the following 7 basic skills:

1. Skills to hold babies

For the first time as a mother, there will be many women who do not know how to hold the baby in the right position, both not to upset the baby and avoid the mother being too strained. Mom should note, the weakest part and need to focus on the baby’s first support is the head-neck. Mom needs to put one hand under the baby’s head, the other hand support the baby’s buttocks.

Newborn babies should be breathing soft and not fully closed, mothers need to be careful and avoid touching them and other soft spots on the baby’s head. Always hold the baby closest to the mother’s chest, helping keep the baby safe while creating a feeling of being protected and protected for the baby.

2. Self-care skills

The first month after your baby is born is an important time for both mother and baby. It is important that the mother takes care of herself so that she can take the best care of her baby.

Mother should arrange and prepare for themselves a scientific diet, ensuring adequate nutrients for the baby to breastfeed and keeping healthy for themselves. Try to sleep with each time the baby sleeps to make sure the mother does not lose sleep, lack of sleep, tired of looking after the baby.

3. Skills to wrap the baby

First, Mom folds one edge of the scarf to form a diamond shape, puts the baby on the towel, wraps one side of the towel with the body and one hand and clamps it under the baby’s back. Continue to take the bottom of the towel, fold it upwards over your feet, and tuck it behind your shoulders. Finally, fold the remaining side of the towel and the other hand so that it is neat and tuck it under the baby’s body. Correctly wrapping the towel will help your baby feel more secure because he is protected as safely as when he was still in the womb, he will quickly fall asleep.

4. Breastfeeding positions

The first few days after birth, breast milk will play an important role in providing the necessary nutrients for your baby. However, the mother and baby may encounter some difficulties when breastfeeding, such as too short nipples, low breast milk, babies asking for too much milk, blocked breast milk, breast infections … It is necessary to ensure and not to ignore the skill of choosing the correct posture when breastfeeding, because choosing the right position will help the baby comfortably suckle and fill with milk, but the mother still enlist to rest.

5. Help your baby burp

Infants have an incomplete digestive system, babies are prone to bloating after eating. Mom needs to know how to pat the back to help the baby burp, release excess gas in the stomach so that the baby feels more comfortable, especially in the first few months after birth. The mother carried the baby on the shoulder, the baby was pressed against the mother’s chest, the baby’s chin rested on the mother’s shoulder, paying attention to keep the baby’s head and neck resting on the mother’s shoulder. Then using her hand to rub or gently pat the baby’s back to push out the air.

6. Handling when a child choked, choking

When detecting that the child is choking, the mother needs to apply the airway clearance, pushing the foreign object out of the child’s airway by placing the baby on his lap, his head slightly down. Hold the baby in one hand, one hand use the palm of the hand to pat the baby strongly 5-7 times on the back – between the shoulder blades, this action will increase the pressure in the child’s chest to push the object out.

After finishing, if the child still has difficulty breathing, turns cyanosis, parents need to put the baby on his back, use two index fingers to press quickly, strongly, suddenly into the sternum to push the foreign object out.

7. Baby massage skills

To practice massage, massage for the baby, the mother follow these steps: Place the baby on a towel on a large flat surface like a bed, start massaging the baby with vegetable oil. Massage from the baby’s legs, then arms, then the baby’s chest and finally the baby’s back.

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