Children 2 months of age sleep less when the total time of day sleep is less than 5 hours and the total time of night sleep is less than 10 hours. Babies who sleep too little at 2 months have a higher risk of mental retardation than babies who get enough sleep.

There are many mothers wondering about 2-month-old babies sleeping less, the cause as well as how to overcome this situation in infants.

How much less is a 2-month-old child sleeping?

As recommended by doctors, 2-month-olds have an average sleep time of 15-17 hours per day. In which, daytime sleep time is 6-7 hours and night sleep is 9-11 hours.

Children 2 months old sleep less is when the baby’s total daytime sleep time is less than 5 hours and total night sleep time of baby is less than 10 hours.

2-month-old babies sleep a little okay?

With infants from 0 – 6 months old, the baby’s sleep time is very much and very important in the physical and brain development. Children 2 months old too, this is an important period for the baby to develop. So a 2-month-old baby with a little sleep?

An infant’s sleep is very important, since birth, babies like to sleep a lot and often cannot stay awake for more than 2 hours, if they play longer than 2 hours they will get tired and have difficulty falling asleep.

From 6-8 weeks of age, babies start to sleep less during the day and sleep more at night, and sleep longer.

If a 2-month-old baby sleeps less than 5 hours during the day and less than 10 hours at night, he or she will be at a greater risk of mental retardation than other babies of the same age. In addition, the little sleep that makes the baby fussy and crying a lot also affects the physical development of the baby.

The reason why 2-month-old babies sleep less

There are many reasons why 2-month-old babies sleep less, including a 2-month-old baby sleeping less during the day. The reasons are:

– Your baby’s bedroom is too light, noisy and not cool.

– Children are deficient in nutrients such as zinc, calcium, magnesium … that make them not sleep deeply, or wake up, not sleep enough. Children with symptoms such as sweating, hair loss, hair loss, fussy night crying are signs of calcium deficiency.

– The baby is not getting enough or too full, making it difficult for him to sleep.

– Babies’ diapers and diapers that are wet and not changed in time also affect their sleep.

– Children have a sleep disorder.

– The room temperature is too hot or too cold also makes it difficult for the baby to sleep or sleep well.

– Baby clothes are too tight, not sweat-proof, not breathable.

– For breastfed babies, mothers use substances such as coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol … also affect the baby’s sleep.

How to overcome the situation of 2-month-old babies sleeping less

To overcome the situation of a 2-month-old baby with little sleep, the mother needs to take the following measures:

1. Adjust the temperature, light

– The reason is that the room is bright and noisy, the mother should adjust, at night let the baby sleep in silence, reduce noise, for daytime, reduce the light in the room, soothe the baby’s eyes. sleep better and fall asleep more easily.

– The ideal temperature in the room for a good night’s sleep is from 28 to 29 degrees. Mom can use the air conditioner to adjust the appropriate temperature, pay attention to a cool water bath to balance moisture.

2. Breastfeed your baby enough before bed

– Mother should breastfeed your baby before going to bed and especially the baby will often wake up to suck, so pay attention to wake the baby after 2-3 hours to suck. Do not let 2-month-old babies sleep for 5 hours without feeding.

3. Add the necessary nutrients

– For newborn babies with signs of hair loss, sweating, and fussy a lot at night are all symptoms of calcium deficiency. Mother should pay attention to add more green vegetables, calcium-rich foods to breastfeed. For bottle-fed babies, check the ingredients of calcium-fortified milk or supplements as directed by your doctor.

In addition, the mother also trains the baby to go to bed on time, exercises for the baby to realize day and night, so that he / she sleeps less day and night will help the baby get better sleep.

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