It can be said that the first month after birth is the most difficult time for mothers. While the body is still pain and tired after the overcurrent, the mother must immediately “plunge” into the care and raising of the children. This makes mothers feel extremely insecure, even doubting their own ability to be a mother. Do not worry, mom, just refer to the following tips will help you to be more confident.

1 / Take care of 1 month old newborn: Proper nutrition

The only source of nutrition for the baby at this time is breast milk, breast milk provides all the necessary nutrients to help the baby develop in a comprehensive way. Therefore, mothers do not need to feed the baby or drink anything else including water.

The important thing that mothers need to save is to have a scientific diet that does not overdo it to ensure the quality of breast milk. Because during lactation, the mother’s body will prioritize the use of nutrients to “produce” milk.

In addition, mothers also need to know how to breastfeed properly so that the baby feels comfortable and can breastfeed more: Let the baby suck on the nipples and stamens, avoid just to close the nipple because it will easily crack and cause the mother to pain. In addition, mothers need to clean the breasts before and after breastfeeding by using a soft towel soaked in warm water and then wiping it off.

In the first few weeks after giving birth, babies are fed a lot and want to feed continuously. Therefore, mothers should not leave each feed too long. It is not necessary to watch by the hour, but let the baby decide for himself the time as well as the number of feeds per day, mom!

2 / Sleep of the infant

At this time, the baby sleeps a lot, can sleep 16-18 hours a day and only wake up when feeding or urinating. Sleep is very important so mothers need to give babies enough sleep, especially to help babies have a deep and good sleep. It is more important to pay attention to the signs that the baby is sleepy, if the sleepiness lasts too long, it will make the baby cry, not sleep.

Give your baby a comfortable, smooth sleeping space and regularly check diaper changing to avoid the “overload” situation making the baby uncomfortable. When taking care of a 1-month-old infant, mothers need to limit loud noises around because at this time the baby is very sensitive and often startled when being influenced by the outside. To help your baby sleep easily, sleep better than mothers can let the baby listen to soothing music or lullaby.

In the first month, babies cry at night is a normal physiological phenomenon, but it makes parents tired when constantly waking up to take care of the baby. Sometimes because she wants her baby to sleep better at night, she tries to keep her awake during the day. This is completely unhealthy for the baby’s development and cannot be improved.

3 / Help your baby develop at an early stage

After 2 weeks of birth, the baby’s senses have begun to improve gradually, the movement of the body becomes more flexible and autonomous. In the process of caring for a 1-month-old newborn, the mother can completely help the baby develop a number of skills early by:

– At this time, the baby can hear quite clearly, especially likes to hear the mother’s voice and will show the joy when the mother talks with her. Although it is not possible to understand, this job helps children develop hearing as well as accumulate a rich vocabulary for communication skills in the future.

– Children can see clearly at a distance of about 20cm and can distinguish high contrast colors such as white, black, red. So, to help your baby develop vision, the mother should let the baby observe many objects, practice the baby to know how to look by moving slowly.

Although still very weak, some children may lift their heads when placed on their tummy. Accordingly, to create a premise for activities such as pulling, flipping and crawling, mothers need to know how to help the baby develop neck and head muscles. Putting your baby on his tummy will make him learn to control his head as well as train his neck muscles. However, mothers need to note that because the baby is too young, only practice for a few minutes and before eating so that the baby does not feel upset.

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